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About Ray Martin


Ray Martin started acting after graduating High school in 1999. He landed a role in the show Ed where he earned his sag card. Ray stopped acting abruptly in 2002 to take care of his Mother who passed away later that year from colon cancer. Ray stayed home met his wife Andrea and started One of the countries first all green chauffeur services in 2008. A few years later Ray came up with a TV show idea where he could interview celebs in the limo . This was years before anyone else had came up with this idea but Ray did not know how to make it happen. One day he ran into Paul Rudd and asked him for some advice. At that moment after talking with Paul, Ray came up with the concept of Stealing Paul Rudd the Movie. He spent the next 10 years trying to get the script to Paul but had no luck. Eventually Ray and his partner Walt Haley made the script into Stealing A Survivor which Ray directed and stared along side George Wendt. Ray has since directed wrote and stared in Happy Hour Slasher, A Christmas Reckoning, Fuggeddaboutitt, Killing Smallz, Micki, Special Victims Unit and The Patrolman which are available on Amazon or soon will be. Ray's style is similar to Adam Sandler as he likes to put his friends and family in all of his movies including his wife and 3 kids. #killinsmallz #stealingasurvivor #happyhourslasher #Fuggeddaboutitt #Micki #Achristmasreckoning #Specialvictimsunit #Thepatrolman
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